Astronomy Now! Level 2

Intermediate Level Astronomy

The aim of this course is to build on the knowledge gained at Level 1 in a more formal and in-depth manner… further exploration of our fascinating science.

More detailed themes within the disciplines of astrophysics and cosmology will be combined with the very latest astronomy information. During the course you will learn about:

  • Astrochemistry, astrobiology and planetary geology: the ‘life’ relationship.
  • Observing techniques in astronomy; optical, radio, infra-red and other wavelengths; stellar spectroscopy and spectral shift.
  • The universal time scale and eventual fate; missing mass, dark matter and dark energy; black hole controversies.
  • Variable stars, supernovae, the behaviour of light … and exactly how do we measure the distances to the stars…?

…and once again, running alongside these new topics, we will further explore the actual night-sky –  learning to navigate your way around the night-sky is great fun…

The course runs on consecutive Tuesday evenings, 7-9 pm, and is seven weeks in duration

Next course: TBA

Fee for the full course  £99 per head

To reserve your place, or for more information,

Email: or ring the centre:    01253 772974