Senior School Groups

Earth In Space For Senior School Pupils

Course Overview

A typical format is as follows:

  1. Beginning with a short tutorial in the classroom: an introduction to the scale of the Universe, and a first opportunity for questions etc
  2. Then in to the Planetarium: a tour of the night-sky, season by season.  A visual delight, and real ‘wow factor’ in its own right – always a favourite!
  3. Some age relevant worksheet group work
  4. Finishing with a slide show lecture: “A Grand Tour of the Universe”, in our lecture theatre.

From experience, as important as any of this, is the chance for students to ask questions.  Throughout the course they will be encouraged, and have ample opportunity, to ask anything about Space and the Universe.  Throughout the years this has proved to be an invaluable asset to the time spent at the centre.

The half-day Earth in Space course has been specifically designed in line with Key Stage 3 and 4 Curriculum structures. Making full use of our dedicated facilities, pupils can, therefore, learn about astronomy through a thorough ‘revision and reinforcement’ short course structure.

Our ‘standard’ half-day is outlined below, adapted to suit the relevant age group. However, the focus of the course content can be tailored to suit your needs to fit in with project work you may be undertaking in class (just contact Nick with any specific requests). We want both pupils and teachers to enjoy the day and get as much out of it as possible.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the day, pupils will learn about:

  • The earth and our place in the universe
  • The relationship between the earth, moon and sun
  • The planets and constellations
  • The universe’s scale and structure

Course Tools/Literature

Pupils do not need to bring any equipment with them. Teachers/assistants may wish to bring a folder to hold any worksheets completed by the pupils during the day.

Course Fees and Extras

Fee for the half-day course is £290 for a class of up to a maximum of 36 pupils. There is no charge for accompanying teaching staff/assistants. However, please remember to consider the adult: children ratio.

Nick is completely flexible about start and finish times according to your needs/travel time etc.  Total tutorial time amounts to about 3 hours: this can be ‘a.m.’ or ‘p.m.’, or if more convenient for your own timings the course can be run ‘across lunch’.

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Need Further Information?

If you are would like to speak to Dr. Lister before making a booking – ANY questions or queries –  please do not hesitate to email or call on 01253 772974