Astronomy Now! Level 1

An Introduction to Astronomy

Next course commences in Autumn 2020 – dates TBC 

The main aim of this course is to develop a firm working knowledge of the major themes of astronomy and an ability to identify all the most prominent night-sky objects. During the course you will learn about:

  • The planets and the solar system – our neighbours in space! The birth of the solar system; our star the sun; life (?) on Mars; oceans and volcanoes on Jupiter’s moons; and acid rain on Venus…
  • The Stars: What is a star? How do they shine? Chart their birth, life and (often spectacular!) death.
  • The big bang!: the history and future of the universe.
  • Black holes and white dwarfs – always a favourite!
  • Galaxies and the structure of the Universe
  • Choosing and using a telescope.
  • What to observe and when – learning your way around the night sky.
  • Gravity, time travel and Einstein!
  • Life in the Universe…?? !

The course runs on consecutive Tuesday evenings, 7-9 pm, and is seven weeks in duration:

Tutorial dates –  for prime-time viewing of the Night Sky:


Fee for the full course  £99 per person

Email: to reserve your place…

or ring the centre:    01253 772974