Colleges / Universities / Pre-Degree Astrophysics

These courses are of a one-day format, utilised by colleges, sixth form or University, – but also offered as an introductory and often bespoke structure/content. Always contact Nick with any specific requests for content presentation/revision etc.

Typical Content:

  • Understanding stellar classification, based upon luminosity, temperature and size/power output: Magnitude, Wien’s Law, Stefan’s Law, Spectral Type, H-R Diagrams
  • Stellar Evolution: Supernovae, Neutron Stars, Black Hole Singularities
  • Cosmology: Red Shift, Hubble’s Law, Quasars and Exoplanet detection


‘A’ Level Astrophysics Module

Presented as either an introduction, or as a revision/recap/reinforcement to the AQA Astrophysics module, with a relevant level topic content as above

The centre’s prime goal is always to enthuse / further enthuse students of all ages and levels regarding astronomy and related disciplines. As such, obligatory inclusions for any day will be a Planetarium show – (time to ‘relax’ under the stars…), and also very importantly, plenty of opportunity throughout the day to ASK questions...!

Please contact us for further details / or to request dates etc…


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