For Primary/Prep schools

Earth In Space For Primary/Prep Pupils

Course Overview

The half-day Earth in Space course has been specifically designed in line with the Key Stage 2 Curriculum. Making full use of our dedicated state of the art facilities, pupils can learn about astronomy and our universe through fun, interactive activities and tutorials.

Our standard course structure is outlined below; however, the focus of the course content can be tailored to suit your needs to fit in with project work you may be undertaking in class. It’s important that pupils (and teachers alike) enjoy the day and get as much out of it as possible.

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the day, pupils will learn about:

  • The earth and our place in the universe
  • The relationship between the earth, moon and sun
  • The planets and constellations
  • Experience a journey through the night sky season by season in our housed Starlab Planetarium


Arriving at a convenient time for your group – a.m. or p.m. – although a.m. seems to work best for the kids – (but entirely up to you!)

Starting with: a  little talk in the classroom – introducing scale etc – get the children asking questions – once they start they don’t stop!

Then into the Planetarium; a tour of the night sky constellations –  this really does bring it to life for the pupils – a real wow factor and always a favourite!!

Some nice worksheets for them to work on, related to the solar system and the stars etc

Finishing with  a colourful slide show of the planets in the lecture theatre

… and – ( very importantly!) – loads of opportunity for them to ask as many questions as they like throughout the whole session – everything and anything about space!! – (something I now know to be extremely valuable.)   So much feedback suggests that, in addition to the astronomy being fascinating in its own right, it’s also a great ‘vehicle’ towards enthusing children across the whole science subject spectrum –  really gets them ‘wowed up’ – a thousand questions an hour once they get going !!

The whole thing lasts about 2.5 – 3 hours

Course Tools/Literature

Pupils do not need to bring any equipment with them. Teachers/assistants may wish to bring a folder to hold any worksheets completed by the pupils during the day.

Course Fees and Extras

Fee:  £290 for a class of up to a maximum of 36 pupils.
There is no charge for accompanying teaching staff/assistants. However, please do consider the adult: children ratio.

Nick is completely flexible about start and finish times according to your needs/travel time etc – from experience morning slots do tend to work particularly well.